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What does WLFF mean to you?

WLFF, to me, means giving back! Giving back to people who are perhaps not as privileged and blessed as I have been. Giving back to a country that I love and grew up in and most of all, doing this with friends! WLFF is aimed at helping children attain good education and so far, it’s been such a worthwhile opportunity! What WLFF has done so far is, in my mind, remarkable and the projects ahead are even more electrifyingly exciting!

What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

I won’t say I have a specific role really….I tend to assist in anyway, shape or form, wherever needed.

Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

I remember sitting at my desk one autumn afternoon when I received an email inviting me to the last WLFF ball (2008) and I decided to check it out! From the website, I was in awe and admiration of these 6 career driven young women – Win, Tori, Londe, Seun, Dami and Bim – being the heart and soul of WLFF. I remember thinking, WOW! I should totally contact them and help out in this ball…. Yea! That was it, I met 6 wonderful women who I can now call friends! 






What does WLFF mean to you?

It used to be very difficult to be optimistic about Nigeria’s progress in educating our future generations to the high level required for positive change. With Love From Friends and meeting all our amazing partner charities, changed it all.

It became very simple, if everyone takes one step at our time, we’ll get there pretty soon :).

Working with the beautiful and hardworking women I call my best friends is an amazing source of inspiration and hope!  One book at a time, one teacher at a time, one school at a time. We are moving forward; and a child who might not have had much opportunity yesterday, has a brighter future tomorrow.


What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

I like to think if I were in MI5 I’d have a cool job title like a “Facilitator”. I kinda make things happen.  I research every aspect of our chosen projects; source the best venues, plan event schedules, come up with the best Hi-5 earning ideas and sometimes (if the girls are lucky) whip up dinner at our weekly meetings. You know what? Call me the Organizator.


Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

The first WLFF girl I met was Bim, I ran up to her on the first day of Fresher’s week at Manchester University going…”Hi, you are x’s sister!!!” She was not impressed.

Londe, I had heard lots and lots about and eventually met probably at some party in fresher’s week. Winnie and I met at a foam party in fresher’s week. Classy.

Damilola…..just turned up out of the blue in second year in knee high timberland boots!

Seun was the talkative diminutive girl who wore all saints clothes. Didn’t meet her. She began stalking me and I gave in.

Tayo, my fellow IC PhD nutter, I met at a WLFF meeting.






What does WLFF mean to you?

With Love From Friends, for me, created an opportunity for me to give back to a cause I truly believe in. Our core belief centres on education, which includes helping to providing an environment that facilitates knowledge and skills been passed on to a younger generation. One of the things I love the most about our organisation is the close relationship we develop with our charities which makes it easy for us to become quite contagious when speaking to people at our events about our goals and aims for a current charity. Another is just been able to work and achieve so much with close friends I have known for years.

I am very excited and proud of what we do and so grateful for the support that we have received and furthermore the difference this has made to our cause.


What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

As part of a team, we often adopt different roles and although at times challenging, it has been very rewarding and it has allowed development and honing of  certain skills unique to different members of the groups.


Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

We (Tori, Winnie Bimbo, Londe) met at university in Manchester and Tayo, at our first event.






What does WLFF mean to you?

It means making a contribution to affecting some positive & tangible changes, in the life of atleast one child living in extreme poverty in Africa. Its means putting aside self and my 'wants'  for bursts of periods. It means encouraging others to make a contribution , because if we all did, it would have a ripple & lasting effect!


 What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

I usually find myself writing materials for promoting our fundraising events/updating supporters on projects current or past projects, either through the blog, on facebook or email newsletter. During discussions at weekly meetings, I constantly ask myself - is this practical, does this idea fit with the reality of those we are trying to help, is the focus still on our goals, and if I have a helpful suggestion I speak up.

Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

Tori - Freshers fair at University, she made a beeline for me and I loved her immediately for her instant warmth.

Dami - At University ACS meeting. Miss humility, you cannot but be impressed.

Win - At University ACS meeting. The biggest heart J.

Seun - On University campus. Her positivity and enthusiasm for life is infectious.

Tayo - AT WLFF ball planning meeting. Her dedication to WLFF has never wavered. Feel like I’ve known her a lifetime.

Londe - In my early teens - That smile - Londe is such a sweetheart.






What does WLFF mean to you?

WLFF provides a means for me to give back to young people who may not have had the same opportunities as I have had. With a focus on education; we are able to have a positive impact on the lives of young people in Nigeria. I am passionate about what we represent as WLFF and our impact is intended to spread beyond the four walls of a classroom. Our broad definition of “enhancing education” encompasses acquiring life skills, community development as well as improving traditional schooling.


What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

I am the Budgeting/Accounting/Treasurer piece of the jigsaw; everything and anything concerning money is routed through me! My aim is to budget wisely for each of our events in order for us to raise large sums of money for the initiatives we support.


 Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

I met the girls (excluding Tayo) during my second year at University. Although we each had unique personalities, we shared a common crazy/fun (some more crazy than others) bond and I believe it’s this that has kept our friendships till today. I met the lovely Tayo when we organised our first WLFF fund raising event and she has been an absolute gem ever since!






What does WLFF mean to you?

I once heard an African proverb which goes like this, ‘If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together.’ For me, WLFF is about a network of friends coming together, utilising diverse life experiences and skills to make a strong impact - some sort of domino effect or a chain reaction of social change (if you can call it that) which hopefully inspires other people to roll up their sleeves and get involved! Since starting WLFF in 2008, we have been extremely fortunate in working with the best people with the best hearts who are committed to seeing WLFF achieve its vision - empowering young Africans through education. Their kindness never fails to humble, inspire and motivate me play my part.


What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?  

On a day to day, my role is focused on managing WLFF to deliver our operational milestones  – this typically includes lots of planning, organising and working with the very capable WLFF ladies to successfully implement our projects efficiently. A common rhetoric often heard in relation to non profit organisations is their inability to operate effectively. My background in IT project management helps me to combine a mix of skills to help plan and implement our projects successfully and efficiently.  However, when I am not playing the ‘Grinch who gave the rest of the WLFF ladies Gantt charts’, and during the frenzied run up to our events, my role could fluctuate from churning out obscene quantities of cupcakes or sewing fascinators for our gorgeous hostesses.


Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

I met Dami on my first day at Weston Halls at Manchester University ... then later Tori during Fresher’s week  ... and then somewhere in the middle was Londe, Bim and Seun ... and finally Tayo in London.  


What does WLFF mean to you?

WLFF is about appreciating the difference that passion, drive and hard work can make in the lives of others. It is about putting a permanent smile on people’s faces and inspiring hope in their lives. It is about leaving a good legacy behind and motivating others to contribute positively to the lives of those less privileged than themselves.

WLFF is about understanding my role in this world and giving my life purpose.

What's your role/how do you fit into the WLFF jigsaw?

My role in WLFF is constantly evolving and that is a characteristic of WLFF that assures its longevity. I started out mainly working on gaining sponsorship for the group. As I am now based in Nigeria, I tend to work more on the pre and post project activities. These include looking for a new project, ensuring that the funds get to the schools and visits to the schools.

 Where did you meet the rest of the WLFF girls?

I met most of these wonderful women in University of Manchester where we undertook our undergraduate degrees and jointly headed the African Caribbean Society between 2004 and 2005. I lived with Toritse, I bonded with Damilola at Church, I spent most of my second year at Bimbo’s house, Seun introduced me to some of the best food in Manchester and I wouldn’t have survived my final year without Winifred.

Tayo came into our lives when WLFF needed her most and I do not know how we ever coped without her.





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